The Family Affair

Jack Perry had the perfect life... Successful TV producer/writer, a beautiful home on the beach, and a loving supportive partner Stephen.

His perfect existence is shattered when an unexpected accident claims Stephen's life; drawing him into a downward spiral of depression and dependency. One year later unable to come to terms with Stephen's death, Jack struggles to make it through each and every day without the supportive crutch of alcohol; unaware of the impact until Rick enters his life. Rick is young, outgoing, confident, and very attractive; he is also Jack's sister's 23 year old stepson.

Ignoring his better judgment Jack agrees to let Rick live with him while attending an internship at U.C.L.A. Rick challenges Jack with fiery confidence, and Jack finds himself feeling alive and waking up sexually for the first time since Stephen's death. Skirting the issue of what both he and Rick know would be a taboo relationship, they find themselves unable to fight their sexual attraction for each other, and surrender into their forbidden desires.

Struggling with his ever increasing feelings for Rick, and a brewing scandal on the set of his popular nighttime drama; Jack is forced to reach deep within to find a strength he lost with Stephen's passing, to face up to his fears and to fight for his career.

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